• Volcanic Sounds
    I need to tidy up this part of my brain store room before my memory fades and I discover a black hole where it used to be a one of a kind volcanic experience. Let us turn back the time on August 18th 2016. The place is Nisyros a Greek Island at the [...]
  • A lullaby
      Now this is a song (“Tha Spaso Koupes“) that comes a long way and this version from Marina Satti is nothing but a short yet refreshing stopover. The story begins in the Ionia region of the then inhabited by Greeks Asia Minor. [...]
  • Plate of the day: Imam Baildi
      Now this is what we call an explosive mix: Putting together an old rebetiko song of the tsiftetetli genre together with hip hopian spoken word (which I am yet to decipher) and use the elusive presence of Rena Morfi on stage as the detonating [...]
  • A song with a view (to a not so distant past)
      I am not sure what has sparked this trend of creating homemade albums. But then again nostalgia is a known sickness that usually affects 40 somethings. In his 2015 album “Kallithea” Foivos Delivorias is enjoying the view of his youth from the [...]
  • The Time Is Now
      Alexandros Emmanouilidis new album “38 square meters” is a collection of songs about the day ins and day outs of a contemporary Athenian. Recorded at a friend’s home recording studio (a tiny one judging from the album title), “38 square [...]